Notepad++ is broadly considered to be the high-quality textual content editor available anywhere right now; there are people who’ve used it for extra than ten years and who’ve by no means determined a need to go to every other program for his or her text enhancing desires. Notepad++ is amazing for stripping formatting out of Office documents, as a programming/coding editor, to evaluate HTML files, and one hundred different responsibilities. But it has one massive flaw – it’s a Windows-most effective application. That’s proper, there’s no Notepad++ for the Mac, and no plans for there ever to be one – the writer of Notepad++ is devoted to the Win32 API and does not intend to port Notepad++ over to the Mac. So what’s an Apple person to do? What are the options to Notepad++ for Mac?

Fortunately, there are many and a number of them are very good applications indeed. In this newsletter, I’ll discuss numerous of the exceptional free and paid alternatives accessible…in addition to one unusual but practicable state of affairs.

Notepad++ on Wine
TextWrangler is now not developed however is so precise that humans still advise its use. It is essentially the loose model of BBEdit which I’ll speak subsequent. TextWrangler is almost identical to Notepad++ in that it really works properly with code, highlights syntax, can work out languages, works seamlessly with files, simple textual content, Unicode and has a spellcheck too. Unfortunately development on TextWrangler stopped in September of 2016, although the program remains available on the Mac App Store. TextWrangler is known to be well matched with macOS variations 10.9.5 through 10.12.6.


BBEdit 12 is the top rate alternative to Notepad++ for Mac and is meant for critical writers, software program builders, and internet site coders. BBEdit12 is well matched with macOS 10.12.6 and better, and charges $forty nine.99. (Upgrading from BBEdit 11 is $29.99, or $39.Ninety nine to improve from earlier versions.) At that charge factor, BBEdit 12 offers a large array of capabilities and works with Git, HTML, FTP, AppleScript, Mac OS X Unix scripting and an entire host of different neat hints. While the price approach you’ll only ever use this app if you’re a severe coder, what it does, it does thoroughly.

TextMate is a heavy hitter in phrases of capabilities. It requires macOS 10.9 or better, however has seek and update, vehicle indent, vehicle pairing, a clipboard with history, column tools, multi-language help, CSS and HTML tools, foldable code blocks and a raft of different goodies. At $59 for a complete unmarried-person license, it isn’t reasonably-priced however again, in case you live in text, this app has everything you can probable want whether coding, constructing internet pages or writing your subsequent novel.

Sublime Text 3 is another alternative to Notepad++ that receives a whole lot of guidelines from whomever I ask. It is another premium textual content editor at $80, even though you could download an assessment copy without cost and use it without paying. Sublime is actively developed, is very customizable, works with all kinds of code, can batch edit, use symbols and all of the neat matters you would expect from a premium application. The distraction-loose mode works properly too in case you’re at risk of procrastination. Sublime is available for macOS 10.7 or better and also runs on Windows and Linux.


Atom is frequently known as the free Sublime Text three and to a degree that’s authentic. It is able to many things that Sublime Text three is able to together with customization, code friendliness, wrapping, editing, go platform editing, car complete, more than one panes and has a integrated package deal supervisor for addons. Atom remains notably new but seems to be happening thoroughly with Mac users to date.

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