Modern technology is very important in modern society. It offering many social opportunities. Modern technology is simply developments of previous technology. We use different kinds of technologies in different ways to improve our quality methods. You remember the time when you watch movies, videos on DVD players but that has change because now we have everything in new modern way. In these days we use smart phones which are an modern version of an out of date mobile phones. Modern technology at times may exchange  before used technology due to its improved benefits or new create popularity.  We discuss about top ten future technologies.

Some advantages of modern technology are:-

1) Easy entry to information.

2) Motivate innovation and productivity

3) Better communication

4) Better entertainment

5) Improved social networking.

6) Better Housing and lifestyle.

7) Improved Mobility

  • Array of things:-

Array of things is one such project that is aiming to develop small cities by using a network of sensors. Now these sensors going to collect real time data about environment, temperature, climate and basically every urban activity happening in your city. It is then when you provide this data to the resident and policy makes us so that city can offer better services. Sensors are used to understand daily challenges that people face like air pollution, weather calamity, traffic and the goal is fixed this problem by improving surrounding based on data that is received from the sensors. Now we someone dealing with asthma wants to avoid polluted air then the sensors can help to save areas.

2)3D printer:-

3D printer is a method of making three dimensional major objects from a digital file. IN an linear method an object is develop by authorize continuous layers of material until the object is develop.

How does 3D printing work?

3D printer works with a 3D model. User develop one yourself or download it from a 3D.In the process of 3D printing work user can choose 3D scanner aap, haptic device code or 3D modeling software.


3 Mixed reality:-

Mixed reality is a merging of real words to produce new environmental and visualization. Physical and digital objects can co-exist and interact in real time. Mixed reality play very important role in modern technology.

4 Hyper loop

A hyper loop is another important part of modern technology. A hyper loop is a collection of tubes in which a Pod can suffer free of air resistance. In August 2013, Elon Musk discover a paper map out his vision for completely modern type of large distance transportation. The hyper loop as he called it would send pods which are full of cargo and people through near vacuum tubes above or below ground at speed up to 700mph.

How does it works?

The concept of the hyper loop is very simple. By using sealed tubes and delete or remove almost all the air pressure from them. The result occur is that friction levels are decrease. Pods on a cushion of air in small atmosphere entire the tubes and result is pods in the atmosphere inside the tube are able to move much faster than traditional vehicles.

5Self driving cars:-

Self-driving means collection of cars, trucks and busses in which man drivers are never necessary to take control to appropriate operate the vehicle. They are also knows as ‘’ Driverless’’ cars. These driverless cars are the combination of sensors and software to control, maneuver and drive the vehicle. Self-driving cars are the combination of many types of sensors. For example sonar, Gps, Self drive cars technology becomes famous and more advance every day and its only applicable of time before completely driverless vehicles arrive on public level.

6) 4.5th Gen Wireless

4 .5th Gen Wireless which will provide ten time faster communication and it can handle thousand times more traffic. The expected maximum speed of 5G network 20GB per seconds. Now that is sufficient after download ten to twenty movies in just one second. Now we discuss mobile network use for handle cell phone to which we browse the web and send of you text messages but the time has changed. Now we have smart phones, smartwatches, self-driving cars which require better and faster mobile networks like 5th Gen wireless network.

7 Computer Vision:-

This technology (Computer Vision) is to make machine see the visual words and interpreted as human words. Now through computer vision machine can see things as human cannot such as temperature. Now the reason here there is a lot of advancement in computer vision specially in the field of image processing. Now this is using self-driving cars and the part from that filter that use on instagram. Picture are also the part of computer vision. Now this is one of the most growing technology today word and further advancement in this field will definitely able to computer to do everything.

8 Genetic fortunes Telling:-

A genetic fortune telling plays an important role in modern technology. A genetic test look your DNA to know changes that are the reason to create disease or put you at high level risk to forward disease..

Function Of DNA:-

DNA is the code in person bodies that is use to make genes, and genes are the requirements of Person body.

Genetic test help you in following ways:-

A genetic test can helpful for person and doctor.

Genetic test is use to find disease and symptoms.

Provide better help for people.

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